Why do our employee's choose Altaserv?


Our company provides Manpower and Property Management services to many of the top Philippine conglomerates. We deploy thousands of personnel in more than a hundred locations nationwide. Our mobility traverses from schools to hospitals, from commercial malls to industrial plants, and from vast estates to high rise condominiums and hotels. Our market coverage is one of the largest in the country today.


Our company caters to a wide range of job opportunities with types ranging from manual labor to highly technical positions.


We offer a comprehensive recruitment program , which consists of fast and hassle-free applicant processing, and on-site orientation and training. We guarantee that all personnel are equipped with the skill set needed prior to actual deployment. Each active employee is then secured an Electronic 201 File for future administrative use.

An employment is realized through a signed formal contract. An employee handbook is also provided. This ensures that agreements between both parties are not only understood but is legal and bound by law.


We commit to honesty and transparency. Payroll is broken down through a payslip, which is delivered on time thru Automated Teller Machines (ATM). Complete Governmental remittances are paid accordingly. No hidden charges. No unauthorized deductions. We pay in full what is due our employees – ON TIME, ALL THE TIME. Approved overtimes and holiday pays are paid accordingly.

Group Accidental Insurance and Medical Care are additional benefits that may be given to some job types. Many other fringe benefits and promotions are often subject to individual appraisal from both the company and the client. We value our employee's professional and personal growth.


Our operations officers, composed of knowledgeable individuals, are positioned to ensure that every detail in the employment contract is met. They are mandated to be the company's frontliners in handling employee concerns related to their respective jobs and compensation. Our offices are open to accommodate all employee inquiries and concerns. We are also happy to assist through our hotline (772-6429) our e-mail (operations@altaservinc.com), and thru our website (www.altaservinc.com). We deal with our employees professionally and with utmost importance.