Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How do I Apply?
  2. You may apply online by clicking here, OR you can personally submit your resume in our office address found in our contact page.

  3. I carry a resume which I made on my own. Can I use this resume in applying instead?
  4. Yes, you can e-mail your own resume to We advise that resumes be complete and duly updated.

  5. What are the requirements needed in applying for a job at Altaserv, Inc.?
  6. Initially, all we need is an updated resume coming from you. Kindly make sure that all contact details are indicated (mobile number, landline number, e-maill address), and that a recent 2x2 ID is attached. We will inform you of the later requirements once your application progresses.

  7. Application sent! What do I do next?
  8. Our Human Resource team is tasked to screen all resumes received within the day. A representative from Altaserv, Inc. will contact you for an interview schedule, and assessment.

  9. What are your job vacancies?
  10. Know of our current job vacancies by clicking here. If your submitted resume corresponds to what we need, then you will certainly get a call from us.

  11. My resume doesn't fit any of your current job vacancies. Does my application still hold any value?
  12. It surely does! All submitted resumes are kept on file for current and prospective use.  Please note that job vacancies change from time to time. You may not be fit for a job today, but you may be in just a few days!

  13. What qualifications do you require?
  14. Qualifications vary depending on what job you're applying for. Technical jobs usually require work experience, training, or a formal college / vocational degree related to the job. Generally however, we require our employees to be of legal age, and a graduate of high school.

  15. Can I choose my area of assignment?
  16. Through your resume, we can determine the most convenient area for you to work in – as long as you're qualified for the job.