Why do our clients choose Altaserv?


Our company is managed by individuals who have been in the industry for more than 30 years. We are likewise supported by added faculties from the field of Finance, Human Resource, Engineering and Agriculture.


Our company's services are multifaceted and customizable. Our clients can choose to engage us for Manpower Management, Manpower with Materials Management, or Bundled Property Maintenance Management.


We put into place a comprehensive recruitment program in aid of a quick manpower deployment to our customers. All our potential recruits are diligently screened, tested, and pre-trained using specially-obtained testing kits and modules. We are also in partnership with the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), Public Employment Service Office (PESO), colleges, universities, and various local government units.

Payroll is delivered on time through Automated Teller Machines (ATM). Complete Governmental remittances are paid accordingly.

We likewise secure speedy deployment of Materials, Supplies, Equipments and Vehicles if needed. This is due to the vast and efficient supplier base our company has enjoyed through the years. All our M / S /E / V are guaranteed to have passed rigorous quality checking and testing. We NEVER compromise our clients with poorly-manufactured items.

Our Operations Officers, composed of knowledgeable individuals, are positioned to ensure that every detail of the contract is met. They are ready 24/7, and are the company's front liners in handling client concerns.


We engage ourselves in constant learning in pursuit of the development of our services. We stimulate innovation by implementing an Automated HR System, which finishes the process of Payroll on time, and an Automated Inventory System, which controls and monitors the deployment of Materials, Supplies, Equipments and Vehicles in a press of a key.


We offer a highly-competitive cost structure. This is done WITHOUT compromising our mandate and integrity as a company.

As we value our clients as partners, we offer gratis consultation bound but not limited to contract-related concerns such as paralegal and labor issues.